Upvoty let's you collect valuable user feedback with feature voting boards. Right now you're getting feedback from different users, on different channels and the feedback is given to different people within your team. How do you decide which request is good enough to make an impact on your customer happiness? You can't.

With the feature voting boards from Upvoty you'll track new feature requests in 1 simple overview, plus, other users can upvote their favorite requests. Now you'll know which requests are good and which are not. Start building features that make an impact!

Snapshot dashboard

Our verdict

We really like the idea of collecting user feedback in order to optimize your product. Upvoty is a really easy and beautiful way to do this. After you've sign up you can create and install a feedback board within a couple of minutes. We totally love the great UX of the dashboard!

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Sounds great right? You can check out the demo and see for your self how Upvoty works. Or you can start immediately with the 90-days free trial!

5 / 5

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