Raventools is the tool we are start using a couple of years ago. Primarily for white label digital marketing reports to our clients. In addition, there are a number of useful SEO analysis features we started to use. Features like Technical SEO audit, Backlink explorer and Competitor research. Unfortunately, SEO keyword monitoring is not a features of the tool. There are also PPC and Social features but we never actually used those.

In the beginning we were very enthusiastic about the possibilities of Raventools. Now, a few years later, the tool is actually hardly developed. Recently improvements have been made, but these have been limited improvements. We had hoped that Raventools would grow with us, but it seems that we now have more wishes than Raventools can offer.

Our verdict

We like to pull data from a lot of sources and put them all in one tool. This makes our job as a digital marketer a lot easier. In that case the report tool is pretty good, but other features seem outdated. The user-friendliness, including speed, is not optimal. We (started to) expect more from Raventools.