Have you ever find yourself in a position in which you needed a name for a new startup, side project or just for fun? We have found that finding a good name is actually pretty hard. takes the proces of finding a new and unique name to a new level. Heck, we even used it to come up with our own name, Digitool. We've used some other tools before but for most part with no real original names. So what is so good about Namesmith?

Based on name or idea

Namesmith generates new names based on an existing name, for example John, and combines it with words that belong to your idea. This can either be a service, product or location that you happen to be in, you name it. The tool then takes these parameters to generate new ideas on the fly, which works pretty neat. You can describe your idea in up to 5 words. In case you don't know what you are looking for, the tool will also just generate random some random names if you wish. It really is best of both worlds.

Namesmith has many different suggestion algorithms, so every time you do a search you'll most likely find new ideas. They will make cool variations on your name, combine them with TLDs or misspell them in cool ways. They even create fantasy names if you wish, it's all up to you.

Your idea is save

Say you have found million-dollar idea, but you don't want anyone to know about your name, integrity is key. Namesmith claims that they won't sell or share your data with third party companies, like domain registrars for example. So your idea is safe!

Our verdict

If you ever come across a new project which needs a new and creative name, definitely try Namesmith. It has helped us many times in the past, you'll never know what might come up.