As digital marketers, we are working daily to discover how visitors use and experience websites. We use the insights to improve the usability and to stimulate conversions. Hotjar is a all-in-one software which helps to truly understand website visitors. Hotjar includes heatmaps, recordings, conversion funnel, form analyzes and user feedback in just one suite... it's really valuable in determining how visitors are behaving and pinpointing issues to improve websites.


Good news on that front because you can try Hotjar for free with the Hotjar Basic plan. Unfortunately it doesn’t offer all features and it’s rather limited in use. For example, you can only have 3 active heatmaps at the same time and they are each limited to 2000 page views. The number of recordings is also limited to 100. Other features are limited in a similar way. For small websites this does not have to be a big loss.

If you have a lot of website visitors and like to use all features completely, Hotjar offers several subscriptions. Going from a personal plan to a business and a plan for agencies. Paid subscriptions are starting from €29 / month until on request for agencies with a lot of websites to track.

Our verdict

We’ve been using Hotjar ever since they came out in beta and they have been working very hard to improve and introduce new useful features. And looking at their roadmap, a lot more is to come.

The ease of use is absolutely fantastic. Setting up heatmaps, recordings or user feedback funnels is done within a few minutes and have plenty of options to select from. Therefore Hotjar is, just like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, standard part of our web analytics implementation. We are big fans of Hotjar and encourage every digital marketer to start working with it!